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Exponential mindset creates something phenomenally different, leading to accelerating returns by challenging the status quo while Incremental mindset betters things instead of doing them differently. Rooted in rational thinking incremental thinking leads to steady growth with low-risk taking, focusing on competitor’s strategy. In exponential mindset, you witness an accelerating growth because you’ve decided to transform the present way of thinking & change lives. ¨With incremental mindset change is resisted. You work on improving the present system rather than creating a new one. Exponential thinking helps you visualise change & dream about things that are impossible to even imagine. In an existing market there is a lot of competition but, when you create something different there are no competitors. Thus, you are a leader & pioneer. Microsoft had an incremental mindset until Nadella tried to address that while Elon Musk and Steve Job are great examples of exponential mindset.


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