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Akash met Ritesh after 15 years in a Retail Conference. Ritesh was his business school batchmate & hostel-roommate as well. Ritesh was part of the organising committee that arranged the conference by virtue of being the Vice-President of Retail Association of India. After the event, both met over & engaged in an interesting conversation. During the conversation, Akash began ribbing Ritesh, You have become a big man now- Vice-President of Retail Association of India. Akash probed, -Seriously Ritesh, what made you opt for a thankless job of being an office holder in an association? ¨ Why you need to do this while your career is doing great –you are one of the youngest to become the India Business Head of Fashionista, a multi-national retail fashion store? Akash replied, -Let me share the benefits of doing this extra-curricular activity or external engagement. Read on to participate in this interesting conversation on pros and con of external engagement.

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