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Aditya was ecstatic after achieving a major career goal of his life. He was appointed as the Strategic Business Unit Head of Lifespring Tissue (subsidiary of ABC International Ltd.) He disclosed the news to Rishabh Seth, his mentor, first boss & former CEO of Heavens Public Limited. Rishabh had played an influential role in the career ascent of Aditya, recognising the spark & zeal when he joined as management trainee straight from college. Rishabh made Aditya sit around to explain that he was now in an exclusive league. The skills & demands of the jobs would be much different. Rishabh said, -Aditya, you are now starting a new life journey of a CEO/leader from zero. Aditya failed to understand Rishabh’s concern so, requested him to elaborate further. Thus, opened an entire pandora’s box of experience & unearthing the secrets of the life cycle of a successful leader.

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