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Kanjibhai Paresh Rawal has a shop which sells idols of God but he himself an atheist. When his shop is shattered in an earthquake, the  insurance company rejects his claim on the grounds that the incident was an act of God - something that isnt covered in the policy.   Kanjibhai is shattered as he is in a dire financial state and is forced to move the court of law claiming compensation from God. Since God has no address, he summons religious leaders headed by Mithun Chakravarthy, arguing that they represent God on earth and thereby should compensate his loss. Numerous other victims of the various acts of God join him in his petition for claims. What seems like a preposterous petition turns into a complicated courtroom drama and subsequently Lord Krishna Akshay Kumar himself takes human form and comes down to earth to guide Kanjibhai in his dispute against divinity. This is a film that not only entertains and inspires but also enlightens. Great personal and professional lessons

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